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About The Coorong

The Coorong is a place of tranquility, solitude and wonderment.

A place that calms the mind, soothes the soul and appeases the senses.

Venture into a timeless, untamed wilderness and marvel at the diversity of phenomena that nature has provided.

Investigate the long, narrow lagoon that runs parallel with the coastal dunes for 140km.

Travel a beach that stretches 200km from Encounter Bay to Lacepede Bay, uninterrupted except when the mouth of the great Murray River opens to the sea.

Explore this vast wetland ecosystem that consists of ocean beach, freshwater lakes, estuaries, saline lagoon and river mouth.

Thrill to the spectacle of massive flocks of birds that have travelled here from as far away as Siberia and Alaska.

Feel stillness and isolation expressed in dry ephemeral salt lakes and ephemeral carbonate lakes.

Murray Mouth

See the changing sky refract off large shallow expanses of water in fascinating ways. 

Be a guest of the Ngarrindjeri people, the traditional custodians of these places for over  6,000 years.

Come to the Coorong and uncover its mystical charms.

South of Meningie
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